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KT4 is an innovative application available on Android mobile devices that allows for sending orders to drivers, driver communication, document transfer, creating delivery and acceptance protocols, and sharing the location of the phone or tablet.

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Key benefits of 


  • No investment in devices: there is no need to invest in additional vehicle tracking devices.
  • Built-in location: the KT4 app uses the built-in location function on your phone or tablet.
  • Simpler than ever: tracking vehicles and using the full functionality of the KT4 app has now become much simpler.

Navigation and remote route planning

  • Easy navigation and route planning: now you can easily navigate and plan routes, taking into account the type of vehicle and current road conditions.
  • Integration with SYGIC Professional Navigation: integration of KT4 with SYGIC Professional Navigation provides access to advanced navigation.
  • Truck maps: navigation maps include a truck mode to help you navigate safely on the road.

A new standard
in fleet management

KT4 is an application designed for mobile devices with Android software that allows fleet monitoring from a phone or tablet. The vehicle monitoring system combines constant and reliable communication between the driver and the shipper with the functionality of vehicle location.

KT4 application an integral

part of the system

Following a corridor

Using KT4 you can be sure that your drivers follow the designated routes and do not leave the designated corridor. The KT4 application allows you to guide your drivers exactly along the route that has been defined by the shipper in the ATRAX4 system or is defined based on the indicated destination point or address according to the map parameters.

Managing orders

Send orders to the driver on the fly, confident that no order will be missed. Our KT4 application for:

  • Text and audio notifications
  • Effective communication
  • Navigation
  • Centralized management

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Forget about paperwork

You no longer need to keep and manage traditional route cards that drivers fill out manually. Our electronic route card allows for efficient management of kilometers traveled with and without cargo.

Send orders to the driver in real-time, ensuring that no task is overlooked

Even more benefits

KT4 ensures that electronic documentation eliminates the delays associated with processing paper documents.

Our system archives all communications, simplifying record keeping and driver billing. Complete control over documents and their history.

Documents such as invoices, receipts and images (such as defects) are delivered to the shipper almost instantly, saving time and eliminating the risk of document loss.

With the DDD Reading feature, we offer remote, automatic download of DDD files from both vehicle tachographs and driver cards.

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Comprehensive system

Due to our ATRAX4 system, tracking and reporting fleet data becomes easier than ever before.