How to intelligently manage a car fleet so that it is optimal and profitable?

Over the last few years, people have begun to appreciate new information technologies in the area of the management of fleet thanks to which it is possible to obtain the necessary information that allow optimum control of the fleet, including: actual usage costs and vehicle mileage, fuel consumption, driving style, and many other. It has also been noted that skilful fleet administration affects the company budget and helps it to save big money.

Fleet management is not an easy task. The more makes and models of vehicles, the more difficult the task is. However, regardless of the size of a company and its fleet, every company should clearly define its fleet policy. What one company may consider abuse, elsewhere will be a mere convenience for employees allowed by the boss or the board. The key is to define these areas and select flexible tools that will enable their continuous monitoring and settling them with employees who use company cars. Among the areas that really affect the optimization of fleet policy and economy of the company are: control of vehicle mileage and location, fuel consumption control, the implementation of eco-driving and any intuitive solutions that could help in fleet management. It is worth taking them into account considering our own company car fleet.

Ecology, economy, eco-driving

While monitoring the car fleet one should take into account the parameters associated with drivers’ driving style and the manner in which a company car is used. The method of operating the gas and brake pedals, driving at constant optimum speed, engine braking and thoughtful driving, are some of the most important principles of eco-driving. It is worth implementing them in a business and monitor employees on their basis, as it brings real financial benefits associated with e.g. less frequent repairs, but also increases the safety of the users themselves.

Clear rules

Clear fleet policy makes future solutions and monitoring of individual data smooth both for employees and the employer. The most common problem is the accounting of use of vehicles for private purposes, the correct calculation of mileage and fuel consumption.

Solutions available on the Polish market enable precise determination of the position of the vehicle and its route, as well as fuel consumption checks or monitoring of other vehicle operating parameters. Basing on available data and reports it is easy to quickly check the employee’s use of a car on holidays or weekends. Monitoring these areas brings companies huge yearly savings.

Functionality is always included in the price

It is worth investing time and money in solutions improving fleet policy. In addition to collecting the most important data, many tools have additional features that will help to keep an eye on deadlines, e.g. the near insurance expiry date and technical overhaul, to plan and verify the work done and to account business trips.

A very important element is the selection of flexible tools and automation as well as integration of data from different sources, e.g. from fuel cards, vehicles, accounting and financial information, etc. Solutions of this kind are only seemingly computer gadgets, but with their wise implementation we can gain automatization of most of the processes thanks to which a large fleet operates flawlessly and is not exposed to additional costs.

Real savings

Each of these functions is aimed at optimizing costs and improving the operation of vehicle fleets. Improving the quality of work, increased safety and real savings should be on the priority list of everyone who manages a company fleet.

On the Polish market, all of these solutions are offered by TRONIK, and an additional advantage is the possibility to integrate data from other systems, which positively influences the management of time needed to verify all information.

Companies that chose thrifty fleet policies and modern solutions, talk about real savings, counted even in millions of PLN per year – it’s hard to stay unimpressed by this fact!

Piotr Nowak, co-owner of TRONIK