On June 18, as a part of the fifth edition of the Fleet Management Forum entitled “Effective practices in fleet financing and management” experts invited by the EuroFlota magazine will discuss important issues from the areas of fuel, VAT, fleet mobility and security, as well as information technology and GPS. TRONIK will participate in the event and will be its partner.

The training program includes many interesting and practical subjects whose substantive content directly translates into the car fleet administration process in a company. Within the scope of substantive partnership covering the June training carried out by the EY company (former Ernst & Young) – the subject “Fuel VAT – new legislation, jurisdiction and new favorable construction” will be presented. The lecture will be conducted by Dorota Prokop, an expert in, among others, the field of VAT, a director of the Tax Consultancy Department EY, leader of the VAT team and a licensed tax advisor.

Maciej Kryda, who heads the Department of Administration in the Sanofi group and manages and supervises a fleet of over 800 cars, will give a lecture entitled “The CMF agreement – contracts recalculation, changes in the fleet.” Kryda will provide practical tips on how to provide car fleet flexibility despite rigid provisions of the CMF agreement. The new regulations, taxes, innovative services or products bring new expectations the fleet team must meet.

As a part of the case study, an experienced expert, Piotr Białobłocki, the owner of a company specializing in outsourcing management of fleets of both passenger cars and trucks, will present issues related to the topic of “How to generate savings, optimally using the possibilities of the GPS and telematics systems – eco-driving.”During the lecture Białobłocki will say, among others, why we need the integration of the fleet management system with GPS and how it works; what we can achieve through such integration and what the sample general and eco-driving reports look like.

At the June’s FMF one may also learn what “good enquiry” means and how to create it as well as what should be kept in mind. A training lecture will be carried out by Łukasz Jania, an expert in   fleet management, a Member of the Board at the Association of Car Fleet Managers. He will be speaking about how to precisely define conditions of the company utilizing a fleet of vehicles to force the accuracy of the offer sent to us and what parts of an enquiry affect the improvement of the current and future communication with the CFM bidder.

Each of the lectures will be complemented with a 20-minute networking break where over a cup of coffee one will be able to exchange insights and feedback with the speakers, and discuss them with other participants of the Fleet Management Forum. It will also be the perfect time and place to establish important trade and business contacts and exchange professional experiences related to the effective management of the company’s fleet with the representatives of the Main FMF Partner – Nissan, and other partners and exhibitors – in particular the EY and the TRONIK companies.

More about the content of the training meetings at the fifth edition of the FLEET MANAGEMENT FORUM at