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Fleet Management System

Gain control over your fleet and employees!

Our advanced ATRAX4 monitoring system is the key to complete control over your fleet of vehicles and machinery, as well as real-time tracking of employee activities. With it, you have full visibility into vehicle routes and driver working hours.

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Key benefits of 


  • GPS Location: obtain precise vehicle tracking using the GPS module or KT4 application on Android mobile devices without the need for additional device installation.
  • Vehicle and driver monitoring: supervise the movement and location of vehicles in the real time or at specific time periods.
  • Full control: You always know where your vehicles and drivers are.

Accurate Hours of Service Monitoring

  • Precise monitoring of working time: our system allows you to accurately monitor when your drivers’ hours of service begin and end for effective control.
  • Driver identification: ATRAX4 provides driver identification, which is important for both time control and billing.
  • Automatic download of digital tachograph data: for trucks, ATRAX4 automatically downloads working time data from the digital tachograph, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • Quick view of working time: due to this feature, ATRAX4 users have constant access to up-to-date information on their fleet’s working and stopping times, making the tracking and management process much easier.
Atrax4 - kontrola i rozliczanie czasu pracy kierowcy

DDD File Download

  • Advanced ‘DDD Reading’ function: our system automatically and remotely downloads DDD files from both the vehicle tachograph and driver cards.
  • Fast data transfer: a special vehicle-mounted module instantly transfers files to the system and archives the data.
  • Instant data analysis: remote downloading of DDD files enables instant data analysis and quick settlement of drivers.
  • Convenient management of DDD files:  the application creates a convenient list of DDD files with associated license plates of the vehicles from which they were downloaded. This is a simple and effective way to monitor and manage the documents.
Atrax4 - pliki DDD

Navigation and remote routing

  • Navigation providing current road conditions: with vehicle monitoring on your smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy navigation that provides current road conditions and establishes optimal routes.
  • Integration with SYGIC Professional Navigation: ATRAX4 is integrated with SYGIC Professional Navigation maps, allowing you to plan routes for different types of vehicles such as cars, trucks and vans. The system takes into account tonnage, length of truck and semi-trailer combination, tonnage and height of the combination, and also provides information on the current traffic situation, such as traffic jams, accidents or roadblocks.
  • Driver and fuel cost estimation: our system allows you to estimate costs related to driver labor and fuel consumption. This allows you to accurately calculate transportation fees and margins for jobs.
Atrax4 - nawigacja i zdalne wyznaczanie tras

Route optimization

  • Optimal routes: the ATRAX4 system determines optimal routes, taking into account economic and time aspects.
  • Optimization based on key data: the ATRAX4 system optimizes routes based on key information such as vehicle tonnage, driver hours, overpass heights and loading details.
  • Intelligent route management: it’s an intelligent approach to route management that saves time and money by eliminating inefficient routes and relying on specific data.
  • Competitive advantage: with ATRAX4, your company can realize significant savings and gain a competitive edge.
Atrax4 - optymalizacja trasy

Transport orders

  • Quick dispatch of orders: our system allows you to send orders to the driver immediately, enabling you to achieve maximum efficiency in managing your operations.
  • Text and sound notifications: the KT4 application is equipped with a system of text and sound notifications, ensuring that no new order is missed by the driver.
  • Transmission of simple and complex orders: the system allows both simple and more complex orders to be sent by the shipper to the driver.
  • Automatic status reporting: the application allows automatic reporting of order statuses back to the shipper, making it easier to monitor the progress.
Atrax4 - zlecenia transportowe

KT4 Application

  • Our app allows you to track vehicle location and communication between the driver and the carrier. KT4 is a dedicated solution for Android phones and tablets.
  • If you feel that the functionalities of our ATRAX4 system significantly exceed your needs, we encourage you to check out the KT4 APPLICATION FOR TRANSPORTATION AND PERSONNEL FLEET. Discover a new quality of communication and management!
Atrax4 i Aplikacja KT4

Communication with the driver

  • Maintain constant contact with your drivers, no matter where they are, with our advanced KT4 application. This gives you full control over data flow and order management.
  • Our KT4 application allows you to communicate regularly and send information, descriptions and even documents in the form of graphic files or PDFs. This allows you to effectively coordinate the activities of your drivers and shippers.
  • KT4 manages routes and corridors provided by the shipper. In addition, it provides message reading statuses, allowing you to keep track of the information provided.
Atrax4 - komunikacja z kierowcą


  • Driver status from the tachograph (driving time, working time, rest time, availability).
  • Driver statuses from the tachograph (driving time, working time, rest time, availability).
  • Vehicle track for the last 0.5h – 24h.
  • Visibility of “own areas” on the map entered into the system.
  • Navigation to the selected vehicle both in a straight line and on the roads designated by the navigation.
  • Communication with KT4.


Aplikacja Atrax4Mobile

Fuel accounting support

  • The ATRAX4 system is an effective fuel management system that provides full control over fuel consumption and accurate accounting, with data archiving.
  • Calculation of actual engine fuel consumption, by monitoring information from pump injectors and CAN bus.
  • Measurement of additional fuel consumption by devices such as Webasto, HDS, and other vehicle equipment.
  • Monitoring idle fuel consumption.
Atrax4 - wsparcie w ewidencji paliwa

Sending the route to the KT4 application

  • Optimize your fleet management and increase efficiency with our advanced vehicle and machinery monitoring system. Now, you can send precisely designated routes (1:1) directly to the driver, saving you time and money.
  • Time and cost savings through optimized routes.
  • Increased safety and precisionthrough access to tonnage and height restriction information.
Atrax4 - wysyłka trasy do aplikacji KT4
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ATRAX4 is the key to complete control over your vehicle fleet

Are you looking for a solution that provides full control over your vehicle fleet and efficient management of employees?


ATRAX4 is precisely what you need. Our advanced monitoring system not only provides tools but also ensures that your company operates at the highest level of efficiency and safety.

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Full control

maximum comfort

System tailored to your needs

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ATRAX4 offers the ability to customize and integrate with other solutions making it more than a simple fleet tracking system. With the ATRAX4 system, you gain the ability to fully control your own business.

Vehicle schedule

Thanks to it, you can add various event categories to the calendar, managing vehicle technical inspections, service visits, tire replacement dates, training sessions, business trips, and other business events.

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Stay in touch with your drivers

Edycja obszarów i alarmów

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It’s an invaluable tool that supports real-time fleet control. You won’t miss any concerning events anymore, such as exceeding permissible RPMs, temperature spikes in refrigeration, or vehicles leaving mandatory zones.

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Skorzystaj z raportów i gotowych analiz, aby efektywnie zarządzać i oszczędzać w swojej firmie.

Even more benefits

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Fees for using specific routes depend on meeting particular emission standards in the ATRAX4 system. We provide you with the option to select the EURO emission standard in the vehicle profile settings.

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Different language adaptations in ATRAX4 allow users to operate it in their native language or in a language that is more understandable for them.

ikona biała dokument

It helps in sharing and retrieving data from external systems, contributing to the improvement of your company’s efficiency.

The Atrax4 system allows for the retrieval of previously imported documents such as invoices, receipts, and photos in formats like CSV, XLS, or PDF. There’s a possibility for integration of invoicing software like Optima or Insert with the Atrax4 system.

Calculating driver costs within the scope of performed work, thanks to algorithms embedded in maps such as M4T.

The application also generates a clear list of DDD files assigned to specific vehicles identified by registration numbers.

How it works

ikonka ciężarówka z naczepą

The GPS modules installed in vehicles receive signals.

ikona satelita

The signal is emitted to the GPS modules by satellites orbiting the Earth.

ikona lokalizacja

The GPS modules determine the geographical coordinates of vehicles.

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KT4 Application

integral part of the system

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Our vehicle monitoring system ensures precise vehicle location and enables communication between the driver and dispatcher.

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