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Tronik Team

Our team is the heart and soul of our company. It’s a group of passionate innovators and experts, ready to take on any challenge. Together, we create great solutions and strong relationships based on collaboration, trust, and mutual support.

Our diversity is our strength, and our commitment to our work is our shared value. Get to know us better as we lead the way in creating the future of transportation and vehicle monitoring.

Zarząd - Maciej Tarka
Maciej Tarka

Board of Management

As a member of the Board of Management he is the heart of our company, managing of key customer relationships and supervising the technical support department. His positive attitude and exceptional interpersonal skills make customer service and technical support not only professional, but also full of empathy and understanding. He is passionate about every challenge and ensures that every customer is served with the utmost care and commitment, making him a key part of our company.

Zarząd - Piotr Nowak
Piotr Nowak

Board of Management

Piotr is our visionary, responsible for what our customers see and experience. Piotr leads our team of developers, ensuring that Tronik products are not only technically advanced, but also user-friendly and effective. His job is to deliver solutions and to ensure that they meet the expectations and needs of our customers. His commitment to the future of vehicle monitoring helps us continually improve the quality of our services and products. He ensures that our products are intuitive and effective, giving our customers complete control over their fleets.

Zarząd - Marcin Dworzański
Marcin Dworzański

Board of Management

Marcin is our indispensable designer and chief designer of GPS systems and other vehicle monitoring solutions. His main task is to develop innovative devices that are at the heart of our monitoring applications. From complex algorithms to precise hardware solutions, Marcin manages the product development process from a concept to final execution. His advanced understanding of the technical aspects of products allows him to quickly diagnose and resolve any issues, ensuring a seamless user experience for our customers.

In addition, our team includes