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Reliable trailer lock

Remote control
locking, unlocking.

A reliable security system, a robust,
waterproof lock motor meeting the IP69K standard criteria.

Tronik Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. Tronik Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.
logo T-Lock

Reliable lock

A reliable security system, including a strong, waterproof locking motor that meets the criteria of the IP69K standard and has been tested in a wide range of temperatures, ensures that the goods reach the recipient safely. Using the intuitive ATRAX4 platform, authorized employees of your company can remotely lock and unlock the doors of the semi-trailer and, if necessary, generate a unique code for the driver. The telematics system also allows you to view the semi-trailer’s location at all times and generate route and event reports.

T-LOCK makes it possible to remotely

lock and open

Lock bolts

A powerful waterproof locking motor that meets IP69K criteria is tested in a wide amplitude of temperatures to ensure that the goods reach their destination safely.

Door security

Remote locking and unlocking of refrigerated/isothermal trailer doors by the dispatcher or another authorized person. From the completion of loading until the unloading location, the trailer doors remain closed.

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Four steel side bolts

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Even more benefits

Invisible, strong and effective security.

The driver doesn’t decide when to open the door, the shipper or cargo owner does.

Durable, reliable, waterproof gear motor.

Robust design of the housing and mounting.

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KT4 Application

integral part of the system

Our vehicle monitoring system ensures precise vehicle location and enables communication between the driver and dispatcher.

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